Case New Holland


We were awarded the electrical design and construct project for CNH at St Mary’s warehouse facility. CNH is a farming machinery manufacture with many a small and large parts being stored for distribution in their St Mary’s DC. We were required to reconfigure their conveyor system to enable a smoother work flow accommodating their increased throughput. The project is well under way with design, schematics, panel manufacture and installation complete. We are in the final stages of commissioning with all going to plan, again, ahead of schedule.


Symbion Pharmacy Services – on behalf of Dematic Pty Ltd


Australec Services is currently midway through the installation of a picking and sortation carton conveyor system in Symbion’s new distribution facility. A large scale conveyor install comprising of multiple barcode scanning points, on the fly check weighing, carton routing transfers, diverts and multi tier mezzanine floor sections.

We have our electricians working in multiple teams on various stages of the project seamlessly bringing it into the commissioning stages.


Symbion Pharmacy Services – on behalf of Schaafer Peem


We have previously worked with Schaafer (an Austrian design, installation and automation company) on similar projects in the Pharmaceutical industry. We are providing the necessary skills and expertise to install and commission an A-Frame automatic stock picking machine. This machine (approx 100m long) will interface and mesh into the Dematic conveyor system in which we also play an active role.

The A frame machine automatically picks orders from stock stored in it’s vertical frame dropping them into a conveyor below to bring together as whole orders interfaced from a central warehouse database.


Qantas Next Generation Check In – On behalf of ICM Airport Technics


In association with the Next Generation Check In (NGCI) we have provided services to accommodate the NGCI rollout across Australia. The following projects were completed or are works in progress:


Our Lady of Dolours Primary Chatswood – On Behalf of New England Constructions


Australec Services has been involved in a few government funded BER projects to date with the most recent being Our Lady of Dolours. We were commissioned to make safe numerous buildings and prepare them for demolition while also installing two new classrooms and a new library. The following works were completed:




Recently completed over the Christmas shut down period Australec Services consulted to Rema to relocate a part of it’s production area to make way for a new tool room and additional production capacity.

Project consisted of design and construction of electrical supply, controls, and management of disconnection, relocation and recommissioning of the machines. The relocation was a success in every way with further additional works being complete and all well under budget.